The essential acoustical element of every flute is the headjoint. For this reason alone, every headjoint must be handmade. This endeavor is left to the most accomplished craftsmen at Pearl. However, flute-making experience is not the only skill needed for this work, but an understanding of the art of flute playing is also necessary. For this reason, all of our headjoint makers are accomplished flautists. Having experienced years of both playing and listening, they now hone their craft with a view to concert performance and artistic expression.
Variety of materials
Our headjoints are available in three different metals - Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver is best known for its sonorous sound and its wide tonal range. Gold is available in 3 different carats - 10K, 14K and 18K. As the carat level increases, the sounds gets more warm and rich, and Gold never tarnishes. Our craftsman can also arrange these different metals to customize a headjoint into many unique creations. Platinum is a rare material, and when used with Gold or Silver, produces enhanced power and projection. Gold and Platinum can produce stunning creations of sound when used with .925 Silver. Using Gold or Platinum as the headjoint riser or lip plate can greatly enhance the projection, desired tonal quality and subtlety. We suggest a personal consultation with us so that we may work with you in selecting from an assortment of headjoint models and materials.
This is our traditional headjoint and the origin of the Pearl sound. It combines a warm, rich tone with excellent projection. Moderate over and under-cutting compliment its elegant and refined tone for smooth articulation and responsive performance.

This headjoint is similar to the PHN-1, but with slightly more undercutting to decrease the resistance. The result is a more easy blowing headjoint.

This headjoint is a crowning achievement for Pearl. This headjoint is designed for large orchestras and concert halls. The Forte is very responsive, and produces a dark centered tone and enables a wide dynamic spectrum throughout the entire range of the instrument.

Tube taper
This headjoint combines its own, graceful embouchure plate with modern undercutting techniques. It is easily controlled and produces an open and clear tone. The Vivo sound is silky smooth and ideal for chamber situations.

This headjoint features a finely crafted combination of our Forte and Vivo cuts offering slightly more resistance than Forte.

A perfect blend of powerful tone, effortless articulation and exceptional dynamic range.