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Solo flutist of Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra
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Maesta 10K Gold

He studyied at Brussel Royal Academy and Heidelberg- Mannheim Music Academy. He received the “efficiency in art” qualification. He studied with Sir JAMES GALWAY. He described Evcil as 'one of the best flutists of his generation' Worked as solo flutist in various symphony orchestras:Arturo Toscanini Phill.,Murcia State Symphony,Sao Paulo State Symphony,Istanbul State Opera and State Symphony,Istanbul Borusan Phill. with such conductors as: Lorin Mazel, A.Rahbari, I.Oistrakh, E.Tabakov,I.Marin,T.Strugala,C.Scimone,G.Aykal etc. Playedwith:RichardGalliano, F.Say, B.Fromanger, D.Formisano, M.Grauwels.R.Trevisani, L.Kretzer, P.Moll, A.Oliva, C.Askin, R.Gunes. Evcil owns the Belgium Royal Art Encouragement medal. His flute takes him on numerous tours in Turkey and abroad where he is invited as Guest Artist to give solo concerts with orchestras,recitals,masterclasses and performances at the most distinguished concert halls and schools and international music festivals such as the Italian International Flute Festival (Falaut),Flautomania Teatro alla Scala in Milano,Italy. The British Flute Society Festival in Manchester, England.NFA flute conventions Head Liner concerts in San Diego and New York,America. Slovenian international flute Festival,Slovenja,French flute festival in Nice and Serbian int. Flute festival Belgrade,Serbia.Prisitine flute festival,Kosovo. Appeared on T.V and Radio shows. His CD named TANGO TIME came out by KALAN MUSIC in Turkey. Evcil has significant contributions to expand the popularity of his instrument, Flute, and has the ambition to represent his music and his country, Turkey, at international music arena. He is awarded by’’Classical Music Magazine ANDANTE’’ The Best woodwin player of 2010 in TURKEY.His second CD named Middle Easten Minatures came out to Market 2012. 2015 he recorded his last CD together with world famous accompanist Phillip Moll. The CD named as ‘The Flute Virtuoso’ coming to the music market end of 2015.
Bülent Evcil has a marvelous tone and a superb technique. He is all round a most impressive young flutist and I would say one of The most outstanding of his generation.