Tina Signorelli
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Maesta 18K Gold
Tina Signorelli, a Pearl Flute Artist, is the first adult to graduate from the Eastman School of Music's Community Education Division with honors, earning an adult certificate in flute, certificate of advanced achievement in performance, and two certificates of merit. Tina is actively pursuing a solo career and studies with Glennda Dove Pellito. She also plays with "Flaire," a jazz ensemble including guitar and percussion, and flute duo, "Mantra". She was selected to perform with the NFA's professional flute choir in 2007 and 2008, and is currently serving as Program Chair on the Board of Directors for the Rochester Flute Association. Tina's professional life also includes artist management for Dr. Bradley Garner. She has been the principal flutist of the Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus since 1998. For more information, please visit Tina's website at