Maria Mazarakis
Instruments Select
Maesta 18K Gold, w/Forte
"Maria plays with an intelligent sound" Aurele Nicolet has said when he heard the young flutist playing, student yet. In her maturity her sound has become more intelligent with an esoteric depth to the very soul of the composition. She proclaims that the work of an artist should not only perceived by our material senses but reach beyond to the invisible platonic world of ideas dominated by the laws of harmony. The mission of the flutist, used to say to her student, is to serve wisdom through love indispensable property of sound produced by a flutist. She is part of those performers' real masters of their craft in such way that technical difficulties of breathing, attack or fingering play no significance to them. Beyond her immaculate technical mastering seeing in her playing Rodrigo's 'Concierto Pastoral' or in Paganini's capriccios, is the lovely interpretation that prevails which is achieved by her reach flexible sound emphasizing each note with a different colour. Maria is thrill by the challenge presented by those compositions of transcendental technical difficulty, their pure artistic joy in the bravura and sparkling of such arrangements subjugating any appreciation of musical revelation. She also is a master of piccolo producing a magnificent sound especially in the high notes characterized by the absence of any harshness, in the contrary creating a smooth and soothing effect to senses reminding nightingale.
She was born in Athens where she took the first courses of music in age of three following Karl Orf method. She continued studying flute in the Conservatoire of Athens class Urs Ruttiman and she did graduate with excellent and high distinction. For two continuous years she participates in the international flute seminar given by James Galway in the Lucerne (Weggis) and in the University of Dublin. She has played as soloist with the State Youth Orchestra, the Greek Kamerata, the State Symphony Orchestra of Thessalonica, the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Moscow, the public Philharmonic Orchestra of Georgia (Tiflida) as well as the Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra of Athens (ERA) in which she is the principal flutist since 1993 and permanent member since 1987. In 1992 played in Greece as a flute soloist the premier of "Concierto Pastorale>> by J. Rodrigo with the State Symphony Orchestra of Thessalonica. Later she recorded the same flute concerto with the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Athens. She has taken part in various musical ensembles and has given recital in all Greece, in the 3rd Music Program of Greek National Radio as well as in the National Television. Today she is managing to create a balance between career and family being a great mother to 3 lovely young children.