facilitates handling of personal information in line with the privacy policy defined by Pearl Musical Instrument Co.


1. Definition of Personal Information
Personal Information is the information about any living individual, such as his name, date of birth and other such descriptions that identify an individual and which can be easily compared to other data to verify the identity of an individual.


2. Collection of Personal Information
We may collect customers’ personal information at the time of purchase or when the customers contact us after specifying the purpose of use. The Company will follow legal and honest methods to accomplish the necessary objective.
The Personal Information collected by this website is as follows:
a) Name, Furigana
b) Telephone Number
c) E-mail Address
d) Address
e) Contact History of this website and its content
f) Any information that can identify an individual by combining the above.


3. Use of Personal Information
Following is the purpose of use of Personal Information entrusted to this website by the customer.
a) For the time of replying to the Contact Form.
b) News from this site
Except in the following cases, personal information is not to be disclosed or provided to any third party without the consent of the customer.
a) In cases where it is based on laws and regulations, or when it is necessary for a government agency or a local public entity or a person receiving a consignment to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and ordinances
b) In case there is a need for protection of property, human body, or life, or if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
c) In case the personal data is to be exchanged within the affiliations of the company that operates the website.


4. Regarding the use of Cookies
This website makes use of Cookies to ensure best service to our customers.
Cookies do not intend to collect any specific information about an individual, thereby avoiding infringement of personal information.
If you do not require cookies, you can disable them in the settings of the browser.
※ Cookie is the information in small files sent by the server to the client's machine and stored in the hard drive of the client's machine.


5. Modification of Website Policy
In case of modification of the information collected from the customers, modification of terms of use, or of the provisions of Privacy poilcy, we would publish it by changing in this page.