The Highest Quality Value Priced Contra Available

To complete our range of instruments, we have developed the Pearl Contrabass Flute. The contrabass flute is designed a full two octaves lower than a soprano C-flute, which has gentle and warm tone. Pearl’s contrabass flute has nice 3 rd octave and wide range which allows the pleasure playing in both solo and flute choir settings.


Brass Headjoint, Body, Footjoint, Posts, Rings and Key cups, Nickel Silver Lip-plate, Riser and Key Mechanism

Traveling with your contrabass flute

Contrabass Flute comes with two-wheel carrying bag, cleaning rod, polishing cloth and swab.

New connection system

The Contrabass flute offered our technicians several challenges, including the tube connection, which should be not too loose but also not too tight. The solution: A hook on each connection, to secure the tubes for worry-free performance.

Stand Available

Contrabass Flute Stand features folding Tripod base, height adjustable padded crook support, includes carrying bag. F-CBASS/ST


Nickel Silver
Contrabass Flute

Brass Headjoint, Body, Posts, Rings and Footjoint, Nickel Silver keys


Model Key Style Footjoint E-mechanism G-Key